Knucklehead Ranch




I’ve gone camping at Knucklehead Ranch for two years now, last year was the first time I rode with the group and probably the most ground I’ve ever covered in one day. I made it about 224 miles from the Bay Area and then laid my bike down in gravel right as I reached the ranch. Go figure. Luckily It wasn’t a bad crash, just a few minor dents and a four day limp. We also learned exactly how far I can go on reserve; won't be testing that again. Even with those obstacles, I had a blast. No deadlines and nowhere to be, except in the moment. 


I would be gearing up for this trip in a few weeks. However, the world has been put on pause. Screw you 2020. Looking forward to more adventures.


Things I miss: 

Sharing a beer with a stranger and listening to their stories

Waking up in a tent

Riding on open roads